10 de agosto de 2008

"This content isn't available for users inside the US"

Esta não é a mensagem com que certamente algumas vezes já nos confrontamos, mas sim o inverso. Fora dos Estados Unidos, não é possível aceder a uma imensidão de conteúdos da loja iTunes, por exemplo, e em causa estão acordo comerciais que não se alargam ao resto do mundo. Na chamada era da globalização, a pergunta é "Para quando uma Internet verdadeiramente global?".

having “exclusive rights” in a region is a remnant of the twentieth century’s mass media
By Jill Walker Rettberg

The tyranny of digital distance is most often experienced by people outside of the United States, who are expected to wait a season to watch the next episodes of a TV series they’re interested in, who are blocked out of online content because the advertising sales haven’t been worked out for their country, or are banned from buying videos or certain songs on iTunes because intellectual property rights have only been cleared for the US. It’s immensely frustrating to be refused access to cultural works that you know are only being blocked for legal or commercial reasons - and there are many ways around the artificial blockages, as we all know: illegal downloads, buying a US gift card to iTunes (on ebay, for instance) and faking a US billing address, or using a proxy server so that the US website thinks your computer is in the US and gives you access to the content.

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