10 de julho de 2008

Viagem para passeio, compras... e operação plástica?

A força do euro face ao dólar tem permitido aos europeus pequenas extravagâncias, nomeadamente no que diz respeito a operações plásticos. Para poupar na factura, nada melhor do que uns dias de férias do outro lado do Atlântico, diz quem já experimentou.

Europeans Take Beauty Trip to U.S.

Plastic Surgeons See Rise in Overseas Clients Amid Weak Dollar By RHONDA L. RUNDLE
July 8, 2008; Page B10

Many Europeans once considered American plastic surgeons -- with their top-notch skills and celebrity clientele -- to be an extravagance. Now, they might be a bargain.
Surgeons in New York, Florida and California say they are seeing an influx of overseas patients who are taking advantage of the weak dollar to schedule cosmetic surgery, sometimes combining it with shopping and sightseeing excursions.
"I wanted to have a face-lift, but I was on a very tight budget," says Leslie Reynolds, a manager of a London skin-care clinic who is in her 50s. After conferring with a plastic surgery consultant, she selected a surgeon in Palm Beach, Fla., and flew there for surgery, followed by a two-week stay at a beach resort. She says her total expenses came to about $14,000, less than she would have paid for a face-lift at a private medical clinic in London.

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